Retail Industry Awards 2017 :: Product Launch Shortlist 2017

Product Launch Shortlist 2017

Product Launch of the Year Shortlist 2017

Congratulations to all who made the shortlist this year! You can find further information on each product below.

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Amstel Bier
With Amstel growing at 25%  over the last five years in the On-Trade, it made sense to launch a brand with such consumer pull into the Off-Trade. The Premium 4% Lager segment was struggling in the Off-Trade and Amstel was perfectly positioned to step up. It was launched with a £3.3m ATL campaign with new SKUs that would meet multiple shopping occasions. The new premium packaging and logo were developed to showcase the authenticity of the brand and quality of the product. By the end of March 2017, Amstel went from just over £2m to over £28m sales value in less than one year, the brand also gained 1.1M shoppers and demonstrated a significant increase in brand favourability . Prior to May 2016, Amstel was only available in 650ml bottles in the convenience channel, while last year different SKUs were introduced – 440ml x 4 can pack; 500ml can PMP; 440ml x 10 can pack; 300ml x 6, 15 and 20 bottle pack; 650ml single bottle.

Blossom Hill Spritz  
Treasury Wine Estates (TWE) has renamed and repackaged its fruit wine range, Blossom Hill Fruit Bloom. The range is now known as Blossom Hill Spritz. Caroline Thompson-Hill, head of marketing at TWE, said Blossom Hill Spritz would be a focal point of the brand’s investment over the next 12 months.

Bud Light
American beer brand Bud Light is returning to the UK with a £10m marketing campaign by brewing company AB InBev. Nick Robinson, marketing director at AB InBev UK, said: “We think it’s the biggest thing we have done in the beer market in the last 10 years.” Robinson said Bud Light has a “strong foundation”, as almost 63% of the target 18- to 24-year old drinkers are aware of the brand. Bud Light is 3.5% ABV in the UK, compared with the 4.2% ABV product in the USA, where the brand accounts for one in five beers purchased, because the “majority of younger drinkers wanted to moderate their drinking”. The brand will be available in the convenience sector in 4x440ml cans, £5.49 price-marked 4x500ml cans, and 10x440ml cans.

Crabbie's Alcoholic Ginger Beer
Halewood Wines & Spirits has launched a can format for its Crabbie’s Alcoholic Ginger Beer range. The 250ml cans are available across three Crabbie’s Alcoholic Ginger Beer variants - Crabbie’s Original, Light and Scottish Raspberry - and have been developed to broaden the appeal of the brand among a younger 25- to 34-year old audience. Michelle Chadwick, brand manager for Crabbie’s, said the two for £2.50 price-marked packs will “encourage purchase across the range within the convenience and impulse channels, at a consistently competitive price”.

Guinness Rye Pale Ale
Guinness has just extended its specialist beer range with the launch of Guinness Rye Pale Ale in 500ml bottles, as part of its Brewers Project bottled beer range, which also includes Guinness Dublin Porter and Guinness West Indies Porter.

Hoola Hooch
Hooch has extended its range to include new passion fruit and mango Hoola Hooch. The new sparkling alcoholic drink contains real fruit juices and combines the sweet tones of mango with a fresh but juicy tang of passionfruit, causing an explosion of flavour with Hooch’s signature sharp citrus. Hoola Hooch is distinguished by a colourful, vibrant design that embodies the carnival of flavours that it houses. The drink will be available in 500ml and 700ml bottles and 440ml cans, and can either be enjoyed in a glass over ice or straight from the fridge.

McGuigan Black Label Malbec
McGuigan Wines is expanding its core Black Label range in the UK with a “full-bodied” Malbec that retails at £7 a bottle. It is the first Malbec for the McGuigan range.

Tequila Rose Liqueur
Halewood Wines & Spirits is introducing a 500ml fractional bottle size for its Tequila Rose liqueur, a 15% ABV blend of strawberry cream liqueur and tequila, for the first time in the off-trade. Until now, the brand has only been available in the on-trade in 700ml bottles. The recommended retail price for the 500ml bottle is £10.

Hooper's Dandelion and Burdock
Hooper’s has entered the growing ready-to-serve canned drinks market with its leading alcoholic flavour, Dandelion & Burdock. The brand claims cans are the fastest-growing format in the ready-to-drink category, with sales increasing by £9.4m in the last year to reach £115m. Marketing controller Justin Horsman said: “This trend is driven by a more mature consumer looking for a new, convenient way to enjoy alcohol.” Hooper’s Dandelion & Burdock is now available in a 250ml can.

Chilled and Frozen

Arla Protein Snack Pots
Arla Foods has expanded its Arla Protein range with the introduction of Arla Protein Snack Pots, in a move designed to tap into the trend for eating healthily on-the-go. The company launched the quark-based snack in the UK last year and is now rolling out 200g pots with portions of nuts and seeds to be mixed with the quark and yogurt. Brand manager Louise Hagger said: “They are designed to provide a high-protein healthy fix when the body needs it most, be that a post-workout snack or as a nutritious breakfast at your desk.” Arla Protein Snack Pots are available in Warm Ginger and Mellow Vanilla, each retailing at £1.55.

Fire and Smoke On The Go
Tapping into the growing food-to-go market worth £16.1bn, Kerry Foods launched a 50g format for its Fire and Smoke Chicken Chunks, in Fire Grilled and Sweet Heat flavours. Perfect as a snack or to help retailers expand their meal deal offer, the Fire & Smoke snack pots contain fire-grilled chunks of 100% smoked chicken breast. With growing health and fitness trends, products high in protein, in particular meat snacks have become more popular with customers, offering retailers an opportunity to tap into this trend.

Magnum Chocolate Cracking Ice Cream Tub
Magnum has launched its cracking chocolate and ice-cream combination in a new tub format. The new line consist of vanilla ice-cream with shards of Magnum chocolate, encased in a cracking chocolate shell and topped with a chocolate disc. Brand manager Alix Colin said: “The range includes the brand’s three most popular variants – Classic, Almond and White – in 440ml tubs that retail at £3.85.” She described Magnum tubs as a “unique innovation” for three years of research and development to “perfect the consumer experience”. The brand said the product launch will benefit from a “significant” marketing spend, including a TV advert that will air from 1 April.

McCain Triple Cooked Gastro Pub Chips
McCain has expanded its product range with the launch of Triple Cooked Gastro Chips for adults and Ridged Wedges designed for sharing. McCain Triple Cooked Gastro Chips are chunky cut with roughed-up, crispy edges. They are said to give consumers an in-home version of the “proper pub chips” found in gastro-style outlets. Made from British potatoes, the product is prepared with beef dripping and is available in 700g packs that retail at £2.50. McCain Ridged Wedges are deep-ridged and come in two flavours – Nacho Cheese and Smoky Paprika. Marketing director Mark Hodge said: “Wedges often feature as an accompaniment, but there’s a big opportunity to highlight the sharing occasion in this category.” Both products are available in 600g bags retailing at £2.
Pork & Smoky Bacon Roll
Country Choice is launching The Sausage Roll Co, offering retailers a range of six sausage rolls, along with POS and branded display equipment. The six varieties include West Country Cheddar & Onion, Pork & Smoky Bacon, Pork, Cheese & Pickle, Chilli Beef, Pork & Chorizo, and The Classic sausage roll. The products weigh about 200g each, with an RRP of £2.29.
Country Choice has added a medium-size sausage roll to its range of ambient snack products. The 103g sausage roll can be baked from frozen, then cooled and displayed for up to 12 hours in either individual bags or multi-bags. The new variant will join the existing Country Choice range of savoury ambient snacks, including Mini Ambient Savouries and the Sausage and Cheese & Onion varieties of Bite Size Savouries. A pack of four medium rolls retails at £2.85.
Mattessons Savagers Pork Meateors 
Helping retailers tap into new opportunities in snacking and food-to-go, Meateors targets the adult snacking opportunity aimed at males aged 20-32. Mattessons Savagers Pork Meateors is a pack of bite-sized pork meat balls made from 90% quality pork, and is a substantial and filling snack aimed to help satisfy hunger.
Urban Eat Roots Range
A new sub brand for URBAN eat named ‘Roots’ was launched to market in August 2017 to satisfy a growing consumer need for vegetarian and vegan food to go. The range includes six sandwiches and three wraps in far from ordinary flavours, with recipes taking inspiration from cuisines all over the world. Each product has a quirky name (using puns on the ingredients!) and is packaged in colourful potato print designs ensuring the products stand apart from the rest of the URBAN eat range. All Roots varieties are approved by ‘The Vegetarian Society’ and feature the logo on front of pack, a trusted trademark amongst vegetarian consumers.  The response from consumers has been fantastic, already picking up a loyal fan base. Adelie Foods manufactures over 26,000 Roots sandwiches and wraps every week supplying convenience stores, independents, Universities, college, hospitals, coffee shops, train and ferry operators nationwide.


Airheads Sour
Perfetti Van Melle has extended its candy range with the launch of Airheads Sour. Each pack contains bite-sized candies in five sour flavours, including apple, blueberry, cherry, lime and orange. Available now, the 50g packs carry a retail price of 60p and there is a range of POS available.

BPOP Lollipop
The BPOP, exclusively distributed in the UK by Bobby’s Foods, has been a consistently great seller since its launch in March. Bobby’s launch BPOP every year as a seasonal line and kids go crazy for them. We’re averaging 2,000 cases every single week. There are 4 novelty designs and two lollipop flavours - Strawberry and Blue Raspberry. 

Cadbury Dairy Milk Oreo Mint
Cadbury Dairy Milk brought even more joy to its tablets range this February with the launch of Cadbury Dairy Milk Oreo Mint. The new bar has a mint flavoured cream filling with added chunks of Oreo cookie, all covered in smooth and creamy Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate. The launch aimed to recruit new young-adults to the tablets category with the delicious mint flavour, appealing to those who love a classic combination. The product once again brought together two iconic brands to create a “match made in heaven”.
Galaxy Crispy
Mars Chocolate is expanding its Galaxy portfolio with the launch of Galaxy Crispy, which consists of Galaxy chocolate wrapped around lightly crispy cereal pieces. Available in-store from 17 July, the bars retail at £1.39. The new line will benefit from the £12m media investment planned for the parent brand this year.
Ghostbusters Proton Beams
Hancocks, the specialist confectionery cash and carry group, has expanded its Ghostbusters range of licensed products with five new lines. The new lines include 29p Ghostbuster Jellie Bags, £1 Proton Beams, £1 Slimer Jellies, 60p Edible Extoplasm, and £1 Interactive Jellies.

Heavenly Organics Double Dark Cocoa Honey Disks

All three Cocoa Honey flavours have a super-clean ingredient deck; Double Dark contains only 2 ingredients (organic cocoa & organic honey), Mint contains 3 (organic honey, organic cocoa & peppermint oil) and Peanut contains 4 (Organic Cocoa, organic honey, peanuts & Himalayan sea salt).  Cocoa Honey’s are therefore GMO Free, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Soy Free, suitable for vegetarians and have no added sugar. They are also USDA Organic, Fair for Life, Kosher and Soil Association certified.  The cocoa honeys come in eye catching packaging with 3 bite-size 11g discs in a 33g pack. Cases comprise 16x33g units per SRP.

KitKat Bites

Kit Kat Bites, a 104g bag containing mini-chocolate fingers, has a recommended retail price of £1.59, is designed to capitalise on the growing popularity of shared occasions with friends and family and will benefit from a £4m ad campaign.

Mars Protein Bar
Mars Chocolate Drinks and Treats has introduced a Snickers Protein bar, with 18g of protein, and a Mars Protein bar with 19g of protein. They both contain 200 calories and retail at £2.19. The company says protein bars is a fast-growing category, with sales valued at £22m and increasing by 58% compared with last year. General manager Michelle Frost said: “17% of UK consumers now typically consume food or drink that contains protein as a snack between meals. “Protein consumption is on the increase and has made the transition from niche to mainstream. We are keen to offer consumers more choices on how to enjoy their favourite chocolate brands.”
Reeses Rounds
Hershey is rolling out what it claims is the “first real peanut butter biscuit in the UK”. Manufactured under licence in the UK, Reese’s Rounds is the US confectioner’s first entry into the British biscuit category. Reese’s Rounds are available in 110g packs for the convenience channel and carry a retail price of £1.

Skittles Fruit and Sours
Skittles Fruits and Sours combines the best-loved flavours from Skittles Fruits and Skittles Crazy Sours, including Strawberry, Blackcurrant and Lime, and Sour Pineapple, Sour Raspberry and Sour Mandarin. The limited edition blend is available in singles, hanging bags and sharing pouches, with price-marked pack versions of the singles and hanging bags also available. Following consumer research, Skittles Fruits and Sours scored higher in both intent and uniqueness than Skittles Fruits flavour.
Starburst Very Berry
Packed with juicy great tasting fruit flavours - Strawberry, Raspberry, Blueberry and Cranberry – Starburst Very Berry is available in single, hanging bag, and sharing pouch formats, including price-marked pack options. The brand said berry flavours have a proven track record of driving growth into the sugar confectionery category, and Starburst flavour variants have proven to be 89% incremental to the brand. The launch was supported by POS and merchandising materials.
Trebor Mighties
Trebor expanded its range in 2016 with the launch of Trebor Mighties; a sugar-free mint that delivers a big refreshing hit of Trebor “mintyness” in a small pack. Trebor is a bold unapologetically minty mint and Mighties is the perfect addition to the portfolio with two flavours, Mint and Berry Mint which deliver a continuous wave of cooling refreshment, meaning consumers can stay confident and fresher for longer.
Wine Gums Tangy
Earlier this year, the UK’s number one adult candy brand Maynards Bassetts, launched an exciting new addition to its adult candy portfolio, Wine Gums Tangy, which aimed to bring more adults to the sour segment. The packs featured its popular Wine Gums candies with a sour sugar coating. The new candy bag was the third innovation since Maynards and Bassetts joined forces in February 2016 and was the brand’s first sour adult candy. Less than 3 months in the market the brand has seen strong sales and feature support from key retailers, including multiple Gondola end features. 

Crisps and Snacks

McCoy's Crinkle Cut Chips
McCoy’s has expanded its range to include crinkle-cut McCoy’s Chips. Available to convenience and impulse retailers from this month, the new range is available in 70g £1 price-marked packs in two flavours – Salt & Vinegar and Curry. KP Snacks claims sales of its PMPs are up 46% and are outperforming the category, which reports growth of 11%. Matt Collins, sales director for convenience, wholesale, discounters and foodservice, said: “Consumers are making over 27 million visits to chip shops every month, so it was important we recognised this trend and continued to innovate and deliver snacking products and flavours that consumers crave.”

Doritos Heatburst
PepsiCo recently added Doritos Heatburst in two varieties, BBQ and Chipotle Cream, which is claimed to deliver an “intense two-flavour experience”. It was supported by a TV campaign building on the brand’s “For the Bold” positioning starring a baby dragon. TV advertising was supported by a digital campaign featuring behind-the-scenes content from the ad shoot. The company claims the campaign “highlights how the brand is continuing to push the limits of snacking to offer shoppers unrivalled flavour experiences”.
Grace Plantain Chips
Grace Plantain Chips are a deliciously crunchy snack enjoyed throughout the Caribbean and beyond. Made from carefully selected, flavourful plantains and green bananas, these delicious tropical fruits are sliced and then pan-fried to maintain their tasty, natural flavour. Our Plantain Chips contain no preservatives, cholesterol or trans-fats and are high in fibre.  They are also gluten free and are a great lower fat alternative to most potato based chips and snacks. Available in 5 exciting flavours; Green Plantain, Sweet, Green Banana, Chilli, No Salt variety. Our Plantain Chips are available in 9x85g outer cartons, which conveniently convert into shelf-ready packaging for easy merchandising.

Kettle Vegetable Crisps

Kettle is looking to reinvigorate the vegetable crisp sector with the launch of Kettle Veg Chips made from parsnip, sweet potato and beetroot. There are three seasonings available: Lightly Salted, Honey & Black Pepper, and Sea Salt & Balsamic Vinegar. They are available in 125g sharing bags that retail at £2.49 and there is also a 40g impulse pack of Lightly Salted that retails at 89p.

Propercorn Crunch Corn
Popcorn brand Propercorn is moving outside the traditional popcorn sector for the introduction of the Crunch Corn “half-popped kernels” in Rock Salt, Salt & Vinegar, Sweet & Smoky Chilli and Salt & Pepper variants. The snacks are packed in single 30g bags and 90g sharing bags, with respective recommended retail prices of 89p and £1.99.

Turkey 'n' Chips
Burton’s Biscuit Company has introduced a seasonal offering to its savoury portfolio – Turkey ‘n’ Chips – available in a 170g sharing caddy format that retails at £3.

Walkers Bugles
Bugles are the crunchy cones consumers just can’t keep their hands off.  The range brings mischievous family fun into the category launching into the UK market on 25th April 2016. Available in several formats: sharing (RRP: £1.99) and multipacks (RRP: £1.50), with single packs (RRP: £0.60) introduced in June.
Walkers Max Salt and Malt Vinegar
Walkers has launched Max Salt & Malt Vinegar, a new addition to the core range. Walkers says its Max single serve is already performing incredibly well in impulse, growing significantly at 42%  and due to the popularity of the brand, the flavour will provide retailers with even more opportunities to grow sales.


Belvita Soft Bakes Choc Chip
Belvita Breakfast’s Soft Bakes Choc Chip launched into the convenience channel in June 2016, in single portion price-marked packs and non-price-marked formats. Available in convenient 50g packs, Belvita Soft Bakes Choc Chip is a deliciously soft and chewy baked biscuit made from five of the finest wholegrain and choc chips. This innovation helped address consumer textural needs for breakfast on-the-go.

Cadbury Choc Tarts
Cadbury Choc Tarts rolled out in February in packs of four. The brand says the range is the ideal treat to share with family or friends, and attracts younger people to the small tarts and pies segment. Filled with an indulgent sponge and chocolate sauce, the Cadbury Choc Tarts are all topped with an iconic chocolate: Crunchie, Flake, Caramel or Mini Egg (Easter only) – offering shoppers a choice of the Cadbury flavours they know and love but with a new way to enjoy them.

Hovis Soft White 
Hovis revamped its everyday bread range with the introduction of a new softer recipe across its Hovis Soft White loaf. The fresh new packaging design will highlight the improved softness and was supported by a sampling, digital and shopper media campaign that takes inspiration from the iconic Union Jack packaging design.

Crunchy Nut Peanut Butter Clusters
Kellogg’s has expanded its cereals range with the launch of Crunchy Peanut Butter Clusters, a combination of oats and wheat crisps baked with added chunks of peanuts. The cereal uses peanut butter as the binding ingredient – said to be a first for any Kellogg’s cereal. The brand says the launch taps into two key trends in the UK market – taste-seeking shoppers on the hunt for a varied breakfast and the growing popularity of peanut butter flavours, an ingredient that is said to have seen a 15% growth in volume over the last four years. Kellogg’s is investing £2.5m in TV advertising, supported by POS and in-store promotions.
Maryland Cookie Bites
Burton’s Biscuit Company is introducing its Maryland cookie brand into the sharing sector with the launch of Cookie Bites. The new product launched in February in 120g pouches of Choc Chip and Choc Chip Caramel, with a recommended retail price of £1.49. The launch will be supported by digital activity across the brand’s social media feeds, dedicated POS and sampling activity.
McVitie's Cake Bite Tubs
McVitie’s has launched three new cake bites tubs featuring Digestives Mini Milk Choc Tiffin, Caramel Crispies and Hobnobs Mini Milk Choc Teacakes. The tubs have been developed for sharing at home and retail at £2.50. Marketing manager Claire Hooper said: “McVitie’s was expecting sales of £5m in the first year. The tubs aim to accelerate growth for cake in the evening sharing category, which is currently dominated by confectionery.”
McVitie's Nibbles Handypack 
McVitie’s has launched Digestives Nibbles handy packs in 37g Caramel and Milk Chocolate flavours, following the claimed success of McVitie’s Digestives Nibbles. The launch comes as part of Pladis’ ongoing commitment to capitalise on the on-the-go trend, as consumers look for their favourite snacks in grab and go formats. Available with an RRP of 59p, the range is supported by a £3m campaign alongside PR and digital activation. McVitie’s marketing director, Kerry Owens said: “Our busy lifestyles have led to an increase in snacking when out and about, leading shoppers to gravitate towards single serve packs, pouches and grab on-the-go items. “These delicious new handy packs are the perfect treat when you’re grazing in the day or looking for a sweet treat on the move. We are committed to responding to consumer needs and are confident our customers will love this product.”
Oreo Thins
Biscuit brand Oreo has expanded its product range to include a Thins variant. There are two varieties available, Original Vanilla and Chocolate Creme, in 48g packs that retail at 55p. The launch is supported by £3m marketing investment, including TV, outdoor, PR, digital and sampling activity – all part of an £8m campaign for the wider brand.
Shreddies Max
New Shreddies max is a delicious granola that combines the great malty taste of Shreddies pieces with crunchy oats. Shreddies Max is a good source of protein, made with wholegrain wheat and oats; it’s high in fibre, low in saturated fat and contains no artificial colours or flavours. Also available in crunchy Cranberry & Oat.

Warburtons Toastie Pockets
Warburtons launched new Toastie Pockets designed to hold consumers’ filling of choice. Toastie Pockets are available in both white and brown variants, with four Toastie Pockets in each pack retailing at £1.20. Warburtons innovation director Darren Littler said: “The launch of Toastie Pockets was being supported by an integrated regional communications campaign involving radio and posters, with a strong focus on London audiences. “This will be backed up by PR and social media to further drive awareness of the product and encourage people to try it.”

Canadian Style Sardines
Launched in early May 2016, Tropical Sun Canadian-Style Sardines are available in 4 delicious variants; Hot Pepper Sauce, Soya Oil, Spring Water, and rich Tomato Sauce. The product was launched in an eye-catching, shelf-ready 12 packs and price-marked 69p. The variants aimed to appeal to Tropical Sun’s core World Food shoppers and to a much wider market of people who love sardines, but will pick up Tropical Sun for the tropical twist offering. The brand claims the product range has received a fantastic reception from retailers and consumers, with only minimal marketing budgets, and it is seeing consistent growth with more marketing support planned for 2017.


Bold Sparkling Bloom & Yellow Poppy
Bold 2-in-1 has introduced two new scents to its range of detergents - Sparkling Bloom & Yellow Poppy and Plumeria & White Orchid – and revealed new-look packs. The launch is being supported by a heavyweight media support package, including TV, print, digital and out-of-home activity.
Comfort Perfume Pearls
Comfort fabric conditioner has entered the fragrance-booster market with the launch of Comfort Fragrance Burst. The new offering will be supported by a “significant marketing investment”, including print advertising, posters, in-store and sampling activity. The two variants – Pink Radiance and Ocean Burst – are available in 250g bottles.

Pampers Permium Protection Active Fit
P&G’s baby care brand Pampers has upgraded its premium nappy range to offer new technology and an updated pack design to communicate the additional benefits. New Pampers Premium Protection Active Fit claims to be the first and only nappy to feature Magical Pods, absorbing channels designed to help distribute wetness evenly, keeping the nappy “up to two times drier and preventing sagging”. The new range is available in sizes three to six and six-plus with retail prices starting at £4.99 for a carry pack.

Perfect Fit
MARS Petcare has launched Perfect Fit, a super-premium advanced nutrition brand for pets. Brand manager Elen Gyulnazaryan said: “The range offers products that not only meet the nutritional needs of cats and dogs, but will also provide a range of services that cater for their broader health needs, from exercise to mental stimulation.” The launch of Perfect Fit is being supported by a £3m marketing campaign in the UK, including a TV advert, a digital awareness campaign and sampling. A full range of POS material is on offer.

Whiskas Meaty Casserole
MARS Petcare has launched a range of meaty casseroles for cats under its Whiskas brand. The range is said to be complete and balanced, with natural-looking meaty chunks providing a new texture. The range is available in a 12-portion multi-pack including Poultry, Fish and Fish & Meaty selections. Packs retail at £4.50. Also in 2017, Whiskas is set to expand its range of casseroles in the convenience channel with the introduction of £3.75 price-marked packs. The launch is being supported by a £10m media spend, which includes a TV advert set to hit screens in February, as well as YouTube advertising and social media activity. Whiskas will be launching a sampling campaign and has POS available. From 9 January, the brand will give pet owners the chance to win one of 100 casserole dishes when they try the new product and review it online.

Soft Drinks

Boost Protein
Boost Drinks launched its Protein Boost drink in January in 310ml bottles. Each bottle contains 20g of protein, but no fat, no added sugar and less than 150 calories. Protein Boost will only be sold in the independent trade in Chocolate and Strawberry variants, in £1.29 price-marked packs. The brand is being launched “in response to increasing demand for health and wellbeing products”.  Simon Gray, managing director at Boost Drinks, said: “We are trying to make it more mainstream. It isn’t all about bodybuilders and elite athletes.” The drinks are said to be a convenient way for people to consume protein in formats not available to the major multiples, while offering a good price and “strong profit margins” for retailers. Gray said: “Protein Boost was the start of a diversification plan for Boost Drinks to extend beyond the sports and energy sector and into the healthy drinks market.”
Capri-Sun Fruity Water
August 2017 will see Coca-Cola European Partners launching a new Capri-Sun range, Capri-Sun Fruity Water. The new range will be available in 10x200ml multi-packs that retail at £2.99, in Mango-Passionfruit and Blackcurrant flavours. According to Caroline Cater, GB operational marketing director at CCEP, the product is “ideal for parents who are encouraging their children to consume more water, offering a combination of refreshment and taste in a pouch.” The products are the latest no added sugar variants in the brand’s portfolio, joining Capri-Sun No Added Sugar and Capri-Sun Fruit Crush. Cater said the introduction comes as part of the brand’s “commitment to providing shoppers with a range of options to meet their needs, as the demand for low-sugar soft-drinks continues to rise.” The August launch will be supported by sampling, couponing, and a social media campaign and retailers will benefit from branded quarter pallets and POS material.
Coca-Cola Zero Sugar
Coca-Cola Great Britain has revealed a £10m re-launch of Coke Zero as Coca-Cola Zero Sugar – part of its long-term plan to help consumers reduce their sugar intake. The new drink is backed by CCGB’s biggest marketing investment in a new product launch for a decade. Leendert den Hollander, general manager, said: “The multi-million pound marketing campaign will encourage consumers to try the new and improved Coca-Cola Zero Sugar, by highlighting that it ‘tastes more like Coke and looks more like Coke’ than the original Coke Zero. “This move is a deliberate attempt to change the mix of the company’s portfolio between sugar and no sugar drinks and is the latest action to result from the company’s £30m reformulation and new product development programme.” In addition to the new recipe and taste, Coca-Cola Zero Sugar will have a new look in line with the company’s “One Brand” marketing strategy.
Lucozade Zero Original

The company says Lucozade Zero Original was the most-requested flavour by consumers and it now joins Orange and Pink Lemonade in the Zero range, which is said to have been the biggest soft drinks launch of 2016.

Naked Protein
Naked Juices’ Protein variety stays true to the brand’s ethos of a natural and trendy soft drink option. Aimed at 18-45 year old ‘dynamic doers’, the MRSP of the product is £2.55 for the 450ml, on-the-go bottle and £3.79 for the 750ml serving.  

R Whites Raspberry Lemonade
Britvic is looking to revitalise the lemonade category with a revamp of its R Whites brand and the launch of three new flavour variants - Traditional Cloudy Lemonade, Raspberry Lemonade, and Pear & Elderflower. Marketing manager Ray Patterson said: “It [lemonade] has become a commodity marketplace. What we need to do is to get people back into lemonade and understand why they liked lemonade in the first place.” The roll-out of three new flavours was supported in March this year with a £2m media campaign. The flavours range has been designed to bring in new consumers, as the brand claims the “typical lemonade drinker is aged 45-plus”. The flavours are available in 1.25 litre PET bottles and 330ml cans, and contain 3.9g of sugar per 100ml, which would make it exempt from the proposals for a ‘sugar tax’ on soft drinks in 2018.
Ribena Minis
Lucozade Ribena Suntory is next week launching Ribena Minis into the convenience and wholesale trades in Blackcurrant, Orange and Apple & Mango flavours. The drinks are available in 200ml and 250ml re-sealable bottles, featuring a new “less spill, less mess” caps. Recommended retail prices include 85p for single 250ml bottles, £1.99 for 4x200ml bottles and £2.99 for 8x200ml bottles.

Rubicon Light & Fruity
Barr has expanded its Rubicon portfolio with the addition of Light & Fruity, a new range containing half the sugar of the standard variant. The new line-up includes a Light & Fruity version of the brand’s best-selling Mango flavour, alongside new Mango & Coconut and Mango, Lime & Mint. Adrian Troy, head of marketing at parent company AG Barr, said: “With 40% of shoppers actively looking to reduce their sugar intake and 75% looking for more exotic flavours, Rubicon Light & Fruity can deliver incremental sales for retailers as a low-calorie alternative that really delivers on flavour.” Rubicon Light & Fruity is available in plain one-litre packs with a recommended retail price of £1.57, as well as in £1 price-marked packs. The launch is being supported by outdoor advertising, POS and social media designed to drive awareness and trial.

Rubicon Spring
AG Barr is looking to “reinvent” the water sector with the introduction of Rubicon Spring, a range of products that are “healthy like water, but big on taste”. Backed by a £2m marketing campaign including TV advertising, “the Rubicon Spring range combines sparkling spring water with fruit juice and has 15 calories or less per bottle”. Each of the four flavoured variants – Strawberry Kiwi, Lemon Lime, Orange Mango and Black Cherry Raspberry – has no added sugar, contains vitamins and green tea extract and is made with natural flavours and colours. In addition to the national TV campaign, the £2m media investment covers social media, weather-activated outdoor adverts and a wide ranging social media campaign, all backed by POS material.
Sparkling Ice Kiwi & Strawberry
The growing demand for low-calorie soft drinks has prompted Talking Rain Beverage Company to launch Sparkling Ice in UK and Ireland. Originally launched in the US, the flavoured sparkling water contains only 12 calories and is available 500ml bottles. Sparkling Ice will be initially available in three flavours: Black Raspberry, Orange Mango and Peach Nectarine and has a recommended retail price of £1.49.

Vimto Remix
Introduced following research into consumer demand for new flavours, Vimto Remix’s refreshing mix of three fruits – Mango, Strawberry and Pineapple – teamed together with the famous Vimto secret recipe, and importantly No Added Sugar, have created a “completely new taste that consumers love”. The brand claims Vimto Remix already ranks in the top 10 500ml still brands based on rate of sale. Launched with the support of the Mixtoad character, who joined the Vimtoad on screen, the character achieved 21 million views via on demand and in cinemas. He also took over a Snapchat filter, reaching a further 10.5million consumers, as well as featuring on all in-store merchandising. Vimto Remix is now worth £73.4 million and has a household penetration of 25%. Having just introduced a brand new RTD flavour – Raspberry, Orange, and Passionfruit – exclusively available as a £1 PMP, Vimto Remix continues to go from strength to strength.

Tobacco & E-Cigs

GoGo Juice Solo Pro Vape Kit
The GoGo Juice Solo Pro Vape kit contains EUTP Compliant 2ml Sub-Ohm Tank and a 30w- 1500mAh Battery, with an RRP of £24.99. The brand claims the product offers consumers “a great vape normally only found in high end high priced devices, that normally need you to set up the wattage & temperature to match the coils before you can even take a puff”.

JPS Crushball

Logic Pro New flavours Berry-Mint and Strawberry
JTI is adding new flavours to its range of Logic Pro capsules in a bid to tap into the latest vaping trends. The portfolio of Logic Pro capsules now includes Berry Mint and Strawberry variants.
Both flavours come in 6mg and 12mg and join the existing four flavours of Tobacco, Menthol, Cherry and Vanilla. Each is available in a pack of three capsules that retails at £3.99.
Head of communications Jeremy Blackburn said: “The new flavours will be available in packs that conform to the new legislation on tobacco products.”
Logic Pro
JTI is tapping into the growing e-cigarette tank market with the launch of Logic Pro. Jeremy Blackburn, JTI head of communications, said: “Logic Pro offers vapers a sleek design, ease of use, the latest technology and above all, quality from a brand they can trust. “With an estimated two million regular vapers in the UK, Logic Pro meets the demand from the 85% of those who now use tank e-cigarettes.” Nielsen data shows the demand for tank products has increased by 161% in the last year. Capsules will available in varied nicotine strengths and a range of four flavours. A pack of three capsules retails at £3.99, while the Logic Pro device itself retails at £10.



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